Lovagny Workshop Startrail
This "Startrail" workshop will allow you to materialize the Earth's rotation movement which generates a beautiful yarn of stars. A beautiful composition with a well chosen foreground will give the final touch to the image.
We will go with the capsule to one of the spots adapted for the occasion, depending on the weather conditions.

The program of the evening :

In the capsule:
- Presentation on screen of the preparation of a shooting evening (software, technical tips, etc).
- Presentation of typical equipment for this type of photos (tips, tricks)
- How to compose your photo harmoniously.

- At dusk, take pictures with your equipment.
- During the long exposure, discovery of the constellations of the moment

Back in the capsule for a debriefing and post-production processing of your images on MacbookPro 16 (Lightroom and Photoshop)

At any time I will be there to give you help and advice.

The + of the workshop : the capsule
Thanks to it, while warm and over a drink, you can unload your photos for immediate processing on the Imac provided and leave with the final result on a USB key.

Price : 180€ per person

Order the workshop by clicking here.

Please note:
The workshops "spun from stars" and "Milky Way" are interchangeable.

Materials required :

- Remote control with interval meter (if the function does not exist on the box).
- Lens (from wide angle to 50mm possible)
- Tripod
- Headlamp with red light
- Warm clothing + suitable shoes (cold is felt through the feet)

You can leave a message for further information.