Lanuejols Workshop 3
This "Milky Way" workshop will allow you to discover the indispensable technique to realize an image of our Galaxy with a beautiful landscape.
We will go with the capsule to one of the spots adapted for the occasion, depending on the weather conditions.

The program of the evening :

In the capsule:
- Presentation on screen of the preparation of a shooting evening (software, technical tips, etc).
- Presentation of the equipment necessary for this type of photos (tips, tricks)
- How to compose your photo harmoniously.

- At nightfall, discover the constellations of the moment.
- Pictures of the Milky Way with your equipment

Back in the capsule for a debriefing and post-production processing of your images on MacbookPro 16 (Lightroom and Photoshop)

At any time I will be there to give you help and advice.

The + of the workshop : the capsule
Thanks to it, while warm and over a drink, you can unload your photos for immediate processing on the Imac provided and leave with the final result on a USB key.

Price : 180€ per person

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Please note:
The workshops "spun from stars" and "Milky Way" are interchangeable.

Materials required :

- DSLR (minimum sensitivity of ISO 1600)
- Remote control
- Wide-angle lens (maximum 28mm)
- Tripod
- Headlamp with red light
- Warm clothing + suitable shoes (cold is felt through the feet)

You can leave a message for further information.