Philippe Jacquot Rond N

Astronomy has been a passion of mine since 1998. I began by traveling the globe as an eclipse chaser, in order to witness that rare astronomical event, the eclipse. Eventually, I became interested in documenting the majesty of space, and began taking photographs capturing the infinite wonders of the night sky. My photographs are memories of my observations. I try to portray the night sky as it is viewed by the naked eye.

Since receiving my master’s degree in Astronomy and Astrophysics from the University Paris XI in 2000, my devotion has grown and I am currently chairman of the astronomy club Tycho Brahe, located in Annecy.  

In addition, I organise astronomy courses for the public. I regularly deliver speeches and offer night observation sessions across the Rhône-Alpes region of France. I plan group excursions for people who share the same passion for eclipse watching. 2023 will mark my fourteenth eclipse.

"Art in all its forms reflects the sharing of emotions for human beings, just as the sky and its beauties transport us into a world of serenity."



Award-winning photos :

- "Great Conjunction Saturn Jupiter" in the Photo Nightscape Awards 2021 category timelapse.

- "Ghosts of the Galaxy" finalist of the Siena International Photo Awards.

- 2 photos awarded as part of "On The Moon Again", a global event celebrating the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11.
- "Lavender under the stars", finalist of the Festival Nature Ain catégory landscape.

- Guest of honor at the 3rd edition of the Festiphoto of Menthon St Bernard on Annecy Lake

- "Tribute to Thomas Pesquet", TWAN Contest 2017 (with honorable mention)
- "Diving in the South Pole" finalist of the Siena International Photo Awards
- 1st prize in the Regional photo contest of astronomy (CALA) with "Tribute to Thomas Pesquet".

- "Figure in the Double Arch" in the Photo Nightscape Awards 2016 catégory "Nightscape".
- "ISS under the Moon and Venus", Royal Observatory of Greenwich's Astrophotographer of the Year 2016
- "The Milky Way over Cinque Terre", TWAN Contest 2016 (with honorable mention)
- "ISS under the Moon and Venus" in the Panobook 2016, a collection of the best panoramic photographs of the year

- "Lunar Reflection": 1st prize in the Photo Nightscape Awards 2015 category "In Town"
- "Milky Way Mont-Blanc" in the Panobook 2015, a collection of the best panoramic photographs of the year

- "Iridium beneath the Moon" in the Photo Nightscape Awards 2014 category "Nightscape"